The 360 video camera at a glance

The 360 video camera has bought a revolutionary change in the world of video and images. A few years ago the shooting of 360 degree video was only made available to a professional who has a set budget. These 360 videos can be seen on social media platforms like Face book and YouTube. For about a year now it is seen that a number of companies has started releasing 360 videos camera which deliver high quality video at a very friendly price.


These days you can get a very good quality video camera at a price of $1000. These cameras are not big and can produce good quality videos without any hassle. Moreover the good thing is that these cameras are around $1000 less in price than the professional video camera.


Advantages of 360 video cameras


The 360 video cameras have become very popular in the security industry and the technology is growing at a rapid pace in every direction. You will be surprised to know that 360 degree video cameras have witnessed a huge growth in the technology of surveillance.


Comprehensive coverage: The 360 video cameras covers the maximum area without any chances of any blind spot making them the preferred choice for areas like parking lots, casinos, parks and  even ware houses.


Savings on cost: In certain locations the end users can have a considerable reduction in the number of camera counts. This is due to fish eye technology.  Some of these cameras reduces the upfront costs and also keeps the cost of maintenance to the minimum.


No moving parts:  As the 360 video camera does not have any moving parts it is an ideal choice for fitting in many installations. In addition the parts of the fisheye technology are stationary due to which they remain intact and have longer life.


Flexibility:  The 360 video camera offers awesome flexibility as you can view both the live as well as recorded conversation of the scene. Now we are not surprised when we come to know that a large number of security organisations are including 36 degree cameras in their system.



The 360 video camera is a fantastic gadget which has very good features. This camera is ideal for professional as well as personal use. Shooting with 360 degree video camera is an incredible experience and you should have it.