The difference between success and failure is perseverance and the right kind of marketing. Believe it or not but in today’s world it has become all about how well you can sell yourself. Every service now has become a brand name and it all depends on how well you advertize this name.

Sitting in your office and working all day long is not enough anymore. In fact it does no good at all.

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Here is a step by step guide to help you understand how a Port Moody real estate agent markets his or herself. You already know the mediums but the strategy part is the focal point here.

Things You Need To Know To Get Your Ducks In A Row

Whenever you are planning anything at all, a proper methodology is imperative. This is true for marketing as well. So here are the stages that you would want to cover.

Analyze It All

Before deciding on a particular plan you should analyze the market thoroughly. You should understand what the value of property is and how much profit is practical to set as a target. Also you should be aware of what buyers want. Getting into the planning mode without being aware of these key aspects will make you fall flat on your face later.

Explore And Experiment

It is not enough to only analyze. There is no certain way of knowing what will work and what will not unless you try some options. Making mistakes is alright as long as you learn something from those mistakes. There are so many ways and methods to advertize your brand. Understand what will work in your area.

Evaluate Your Ventures

Now you know what has worked for you and what did not, did having your listings on MLS Burnaby help? You want to market yourself on the aspects that worked in your favor. When one makes mistakes and learns, it helps in better decisions in future.


Now that you have evaluated all your options and you know the mediums that work in your area, it is time to be creative and make the most of these options. As a thumb rule technology always works better but if your prospective buyers are an older lot, going old school is the best.

Keep Room For Shortfalls

You are a human and so you will make mistakes.

With these tips in mind you can keep reinventing your marketing strategy from time to time depending on what the current demand is.