When Apple introduced iBeacon technology in mid-2013, retailers were the first to test and use it. Three years down the line, iBeacon has and still continues to open the door for disruption for many industries.

Companies in various industries compete to sustain and attract new customers. Many, if not all of them have realized that beacons can help them improve customer experience, thereby attracting new customers and retaining new ones. Here is a short list of some of the industries that have already tried and are using iBeacons.

  1. Tourism

If you like touring the world, you have many reasons to be happy. First, the expansion of air routes and significant decrease in flight prices makes it easier and cheaper for you to go almost anywhere wherever you want. Many municipalities rely on iBeacons to augment the experience and to offer you new exciting ways to explore the city and other tourist sites. By using iBeacons, municipalities have been able to put their tourists in control of their visit because they can access almost any information about landmarks and other tourist’s sites around the city.

  1. Education

Schools and colleges use iBeacon technology to fight non-attendance at school. As you know, new generations are stubbornly digital natives and always demand new approaches. To provide new approaches and encourage learners to study in new ways, education sector must use technology. Education is now using iBeacon technology because it can foster relationships between learners and teachers as it lets them communicate via messaging apps. The technology also allows teachers to alert parents when their children are not in school.

  1. Banks

Many parts of the world continue to experience economic crisis. This has actually forced the banks to reinvent themselves not only to sustain loyalty, but also to avoid capital outflow. Financial institutions and banks now use iBeacons to send welcome messages and to integrate mobile payments and NFC to enhance banking customer experience.

  1. eRetail

Brick-and-mortars retail are some of the obvious industries for iBeacon technology in the market place today given that it’s undergoing its most deepest changes. Big names in the industry such as Macy’s and Walmart have started using iBeacon technology to offer personalized content as well as location based offers and push notifications and so on when customers are nearby or inside the store.

  1. Events

For any event to be successful, you must have the ability to engage attendees. So, when you organize an event, you can learn from the rest of successful event organizers who use the iBeacon technology to help attendees avoid lines and get more involved throughout the sessions. For instance, you can use the technology to ensure real-time interaction and to sponsor notification.