Some advanced lighting system tends to rise construction costs. Designers need to know when there is a shift in the price and the shift can be proven through future energy saving or other benefits. The initial cost of design verlichting is significant factors to all involved. To be very successful, the advance lighting system must meet the condition of the building owner. The weighting of alternative lighting system should include all needed costs associated with a lighting system and the use of proper analysis tool. Lighting retrofit should begin with the immediate screening of all possible projects for those with the highest potentials

Economic limitations

Energy efficiency advocates if they can prove the economic reasoning of efficiency improvement. The most decision makers use the efficient strategies. This has shown itself over time and time again to be much harder to sell than the real thought. Lighting business in a commercial building is undervalued mostly for the bad quality and which cannot be justified. These are few of the reason for the underinvestment in design verlechting

  • The last minute changes to the light requirement that will allow the substitution of inferior products
  • The decision making on the basis on the previous installation cost rather than the long term of operational cost
  • A market idea that is driven by the sense that what everyone is doing and must be accepted
  • A broad believe that lighting does no effect on workers performance


Lifting Installation in the commercial building often is the last part to be installed in the building, making more vulnerable to a last-minute cut in the building budget. Light designers regular complain their construction is usually changed without them knowing. Construction scheduling is used break the spec by claiming that a particular product is not present, and waiting for it slows down operations when constructing

Importance of initial costs

Initial cost is the primary reason for breaking down most construction decisions. The construction budget is affected by the first cost and is less concern with the life span costs. Often building is seen as a one-time cost with a pre-determined budget, and the design team is faced with meeting the budget break-down objective.

Market culture

It is of great importance to know the market culture that is required in lighting decision. Once a lighting system is accepted by many people as modern, it will be regarded the best-used system in every application.